Taptronics: Smart Tap for Perfect Beer

Taptronics is an IoT-enabled automated beer tap for

  • Instant Tracking

    Taptronics is an Internet-connected smart device which collects, transmits and analyzes sales, inventory and beer quality data, thus providing personnel with instant tracking and reporting in real time.

  • Quality Assurance

    Taptronics ensures that beer is served at optimal quality every time you make an automatic order. Sales outlets and beer brands don’t need to rely on bartenders to meet each customer’s expectations on beer quality.

  • Minimized Waste & Fraud

    Taptronics’s advanced technology prevents any spillage or waste that might be caused by bar staff. All the transactions will be saved to the cloud in order to report on every drop that comes out of the keg.

  • Increased Profitability

    Taptronics allows sales points to save around %15 per beer keg. It decreases operational costs, and creates more profitable sales points by doing so.


  • Automated Pouring

    Thanks to the robotic technology at its core , Taptronics always pours the same amount of beer with optimized foam level and temperature.

  • Web & Mobile Dashboards

    Via web and mobile applications, sales points can smoothly track sales and inventory as well as beer parameters such as temperature and pressure

  • Accountable Sales

    While an average industry loss per beer keg is above 20%, Taptronics doesn’t let a single drop be wasted.

  • Quality Check

    Taptronics controls temperature, foam level and freshness of the beer instantly. Operation shuts down automatically once an undesired condition is inspected.

  • Alarm & Warnings

    Taptronics automatically sends warnings via push notifications or touch screen indications when a keg or a gas tank is empty, or beer line is overheated.

  • Enhanced Service Time

    Automated tapping fastens pouring time, thus it enables more sales especially for crowded places. It also saves working hours of bartenders and increases service quality.