Taptronics: Smart Taps for Perfect Beer



Hire the best bartender in town

Imagine a bartender who can serve the exact amount of beer with the optimal amount of foam at the ideal temperature, for every single glass. Imagine a bartender who never spills or wastes any beer because he knows when a keg or tube is finished or when there is a line problem. Taptronics™ is the best bartender in town, it uses AI powered flow algorithm and patented robotics to guarantee best service at all times.

Set it up in minutes

Taptronics™ is designed to be a plug and play smart tap that fits any bar setup. It takes just a few minutes to replace your standard tap. There isn’t any additional costs for establishments to get going.


Know your numbers

Taptronics™ online dashboard shows your sales and quality metrics in real-time, together with meaningful insights and daily reports. Using Taptronics dashboard, you can see how many kegs you consume every week and project your sales accordingly. Furthermore you can completely prevent fraud.

Take immediate action

Taptronics™ alerts the bartender when there is a problem with your draft system, such as when the keg is too warm or when line pressure is too high. It also shows how much is left at each keg and when the keg is empty, so that the bartender can take immediate actions. We use AI to eliminate false alarms and to provide accurate and meaningful insights.

maintenance pic

Make sure your draft lines are clean

Clean lines are essential for serving quality beer. Line cleaning should be done on a periodic basis, preferably every week. Our smart beer platform follows the maintenance cycles of your bar and warns you when your line is not maintained regularly or if the maintenance has not been done properly. You can see the maintenance cycles and service times through our mobile app and web dashboard.


  • Perfect Serve with AI Powered Flow Control

    Taptronics™ always serves precisely the desired amount of beer with ideal foam. Its AI powered smart flow algorithm and patent pending robotics technology minimize foaming in your draft system while maximising your profits.

  • Creamy Foam

    Taptronics™ delivers a wonderful drinking experience with rich, smooth and durable Creamy Foam that enhances aroma, prevents oxidation and provides isolation.

  • Mobile App & Web Dashboard

    Pubinno’s mobile app and web portal shows all your sales and operational metrics together. You can also see quality related parameters such as temperature, pressure, keg freshness and line maintenance records in real-time.

  • POS Integration

    You can connect your POS to our cloud platform to compare your sales with the pours and eliminate unaccounted sales.

  • Plug & Play

    Taptronics™ is easy to install! Within minutes you can replace your manual tap with a brand new Taptronics™.

  • Daily & Actionable Reports

    Bar managers receive sales reports  and actionable insights, every day so that they can immediately improve their operations.