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World’s Best Combination: Beers & Concerts

Going to your favorite band’s or musician’s concert is much more different than listening them in your bedroom. It’s firstly another atmosphere that you share with a bunch of people around you. There’s certainly an energy that surround your body and soul. Hearing live music is one of the most pleasurable experiences available to human beings. The [...]

Internet of Beer – 2

We’re proud to announce that as Pubinno we use IoT enabled Beer Tap, TapTronics™, to make life easier for everyone. Pubinno is a start-up founded in Istanbul,Turkey which produces solutions for beverage industry. Firstly, it has launched self-service beer point that gives us instantly fresh beer. All you have to do is insert prepaid cart and wait [...]

Internet of Beer: 4th Industrial Revolution in HoReCa

Complete Solution for All Parties If you want to create a true transformation, you need to compose a value for each parties in the ecosystem in which you launched your product. During the development of Taptronics and the concept of Internet of Beer , we examined the pains of everybody ; from customer to brand, sales point to [...]

Why We Do Love Smart Dispensers

… And You Should Love Too“The reputation and success of the craft brewer relies on the ability to consistently deliver a product that satisfies the consumer” Brewer AssociationAt Pubinno, we can’t agree more with Brewers Association, though you don’t need necessarily be a craft brewer, this is relevant to bar or restaurant reps, or pub owners. Pubinno feels [...]

Pubinno Launched Taptronics® at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

Pubinno has launched world’s first IoT enabled Automated Beer Tap, Taptronics®, at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. Taptronics is an IoT enabled automated beer tap that can be easily integrated to the all existing draft beer systems. It automatically pours precise amount of beer each time with optimum foam level and temperature as well as it tracks instant [...]

Pubinno’s First Product BeerPoint® at Sales Points with Efes Beverage Group

Pubinno launched BeerPoint® Self-Serving Smart Beer Dispenser in two of the most prestigious beach clubs with Anadolu Efes Beverage Group. – market leader in Turkey. BeerPoint is designed to improve the service time and quality of draft beer by standardizing its temperature and foam level. All BeerPoint devices generate real time data to sales outlets and breweries [...]