Internet of Beer – 2

Internet of Beer – 2

We’re proud to announce that as Pubinno we use IoT enabled Beer Tap, TapTronics™, to make life easier for everyone. Pubinno is a start-up founded in Istanbul,Turkey which produces solutions for beverage industry. Firstly, it has launched self-service beer point that gives us instantly fresh beer. All you have to do is insert prepaid cart and wait till your fresh beer gets ready. And now, Pubinno focuses on smart solutions using IoT to beverage dispensers. We’re living in a cosmopolitan life where everything must be much more easier for everyone. While we’re trying to be quicker we must certainly use technology. So what does this Internet of Things (IoT) means?

What’s IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interconnected machines or objects that are provided with unique characteristics and they gives people the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human capital. It’s an interference of Information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). Although it gives machine generated data to be observed and to be improved.

So what’s the matter?

The problem is that people have limited time, concentration and effort. So we’re not robots that can work for hours without any attention loss. If only we had robots-or computers- that knew everything and gathering data that we’re searching for, life would be easier for everyone. We would be able to track data, reduce waste, loss and obviously cost. Also we would be able to know when things needed replacing or repairing or also recalling whether they were fresh or not. Imagine that every day, a bartender must serve approximately 100 glasses of beer or maybe more. To fill a glass of beer, we must wait at least 10 seconds. 100 times 10, it makes 1000 seconds, which makes 16,6 minutes. Try to put your arm in the air and wait for 16,6 minutes. Isn’t it hard and tiring? So shouldn’t we all be muscular for this job?

Shouldn’t we all be muscular for this job?

Shouldn’t we all be muscular for this job?

IoT and Pubinno

Pubinno has established world’s first Iot enabled Beer Tap, TapTronics™. It makes what people cannot make. We’re preventing deficiency of beer and grab it for you. It calculates the amount of pressure, damp and more than 10 varieties in beer barrels, and automatically gives most precise amount of beer at best temperature and ideal foam level every time. While device serving us the best beer we can have, we can track and observe the real-time data through Internet in our smart phones. Not only it makes our life easier, it also helps to supply chain. It gives information to distributors whether the supplier is running out of beer or not. So thereby, the bar owner can have its beer in advance. The beer brands can track easily their supplies and inventories without sending vehicles overseas. It helps both seller and buyer. So it focuses on maintenance.

Reduces Waste

The main reason was to prevent beer loss. As we know while losing beer, we’re also losing water. UN suggest that we need 20-50 liters of safe freshwater a day for drinking. Also we need 75 liters of water for a glass of beer. So while TapTronics™ handle a lot of parameters like humidity, pressure, temperature and expiry date of beer etc. it also prevents over 20% loss of beer per barrel. With TapTronics™ we can save the water too! Technology, isn’t it beautiful?

Be smart. Drink smart. Act smart. Have a TapTronics™ and save the world.

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