Frequently Asked Questions

  • Owners of Bars, Restaurants and Night Clubs who want to increase the efficiency and profitability of their draft beer operations.
  • Beer brands/distributors which want to ensure the best drinking experience for its customers.
  • Bartenders who often need to serve multiple customers at once.

Taptronics is much more than just an automated draft beer tap. Taptronics is the only product which combines the perfect drinking experience, waste prevention, and data analytics at the same time, in a very compact plug&play package. In addition to an automated smart beer dispenser which prevents waste, Taptronics also comes with an access to your own digital dashboard where you can track your sales, inventory and quality data. Using real-time data analysis, you can improve your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction to increase your profits.

  • Up to 20% decrease in costs: Taptronics helps sales points to make significant save on draft beer consumption and labor time.
  • Up to 5% increase in sales: Since Taptronics fastens the service time, it leads an important increase in sales especially for crowded places.
  • Up to 20% increase in overall keg efficiency:  Instant reporting of all the transactions and on every drop that comes out of the keg. Use our calculator to find out how much money Taptronics will help you save.
    Cost of a Keg: $Kegs Sold per Month:

With the patented robotic technology at its core, Taptronics always pours the exact required amount of beer with desired foam level and temperature regardless of beer type and external parameters. While preventing the waste, its real-time sensor collects data to provide you with insights on efficiency, inventory and quality of your draft beer. With our smart tap, pouring is as easy as touching a button on a screen.

With the help of our tutorial video, Taptronics can be easily replaced with existing faucets without any hassle or technical assistance. No major installation work is required as it is compatible with all kind of draft systems and can be set in motion within 20 minutes.

Pubinno team provides and educates your staff with a video tutorial on how to operate and maintain Taptronics. Thanks to its intuitive user interface and touchscreen, Taptronics is very easy to operate. After the installation, our service team to take on further data and multiple device management platform support. In the need of repair, we will immediately provide you with a new tap.

Users of Taptronics can track real-time sales and consumption as well as the beer parameters such as temperature and pressure.You will be able to get a transparent and comprehensive history-based report on every drop or transaction via mobile and web applications supporting our solution. As your personal indispensable steward, Taptronics also keeps an eye on your inventory while instantly tracking machinery and operations to notify you on arising supply needs or any conditions varied from the norm. Additionally, portal logs all the events related to operation and maintenance, so sales points won’t be late to take any maintenance actions.

Pubinno Web Portal is presents you the data aggregated from your Taptronics devices. You can get a data-enriched insight into your operations easily using our web platform that is enhanced with visual graphics and time-based reports. Pubinno Portal is currently a mobile compatible web application which can be accessed through web browsers. To deliver even better accessibility, we are working on the mobile applications which will be released soon.

System automatically notifies you when a keg or gas tank is running out of supplies, or the line is over heated.

The quality of your beer is under the control of Taptronics remote sensor monitoring which tracks and reports quality related parameters such as pressure and temperature instantly. Also with the help of our automated pouring technology, you don’t need to rely on the bartenders to meet each customer’s expectations on beer quality.

Serving the perfect beer requires pouring it without excessive foam, at the correct temperature, with controlled CO2 levels, in reasonable time and with no flavor change from keg to glass. Automated pouring stands for the perfect serve with the highest quality of beer, minimal waste and notably increased profitability. By enabling faster pouring through robotic technology,Taptronics saves working hours of bartenders and increases service quality to increase sales especially in crowded establishments.

You can configure the desired parameters to be displayed on Taptronics UI menu and align them with your specific business needs – be it 33 cl, 50 cl or any other preferred amount settings.

Each beer type demands its own set of requirements to be met, especially in terms of foam. In some beer types, foam is excessively used whereas in some others only a small bit of foam is desired. Taptronics lets you configure your foam level preferences accordingly, so that our automation technology can optimize the foam level for each different beer type. Taptronics will also ensure that the beer is served at the optimal temperature regardless of beer type and external parameters.

The more Taptronics you have, the better your entire venture chain operates. We give you a chance to manage all of your devices from a single portal, while our team delivers to you custom sales reports using real-time data relevant to each location.

BeerPoint is an IoT enabled self-service beer dispenser which powers your sales channel with the embedded next-gen technology to perfectly serve your customers and meet your business needs. It operates with NFC cards and can be put into action by a simple tap.

Smart cards are sold by bartenders with desired load. Consumers get access to the BeerPoint with these cards. There is a smoothly operating mechanism in the machine that releases glasses within a defined space and then put the latter on the drip tray. Smart cards are tapped to the wireless reader to initiate pouring. Patented Taptronics pours the beer in seconds automatically without pulling or pushing anything.

BeerPoint has Taptronics technology inside, which always ensures the best pouring of the same amount of beer with optimized foam level and temperature regardless of beer type and external parameters. While preventing any waste, its real-time sensor monitoring and control package is set to standardize.

BeerPoint comes with a stand-alone cabin where the entire beer infrastructure can be deployed. It can be put in any suitable place with electrical supply. As soon as beer infrastructure is deployed, it will be ready to operate with just one plug.

BeerPoint is connected to the internet with full range of Internet of Things features. It easily tracks all parameters and sales remotely, and then sends regular analysis to sales outlets and manufacturers. Moreover, alarms and warnings are forwarded to the web interface to call for the necessary actions.

The prices differ according to design, usage and the order. However, it contains an setup cost and a monthly fee for maintenance and services.

It increases sales by eliminating long lines at the bar counter. BeerPoint’s mobility allows sales points to put it to the anywhere to cope with even biggest demands without affecting the waiting time of customers. Reports shows that self-service users are tend to consume more comparing the others.

No prior requirements are needed. Once draft beer infrastructure is installed inside, BeerPoint can work everywhere with electricity. It’s better to find a good place for BeerPoint by considering the crowd map.

BeerPoint has a screen to let staff know the state of the machine. If keg or gas tank is empty, a notification will appear on the screen as well as system automatically warn the people by push notifications and mails.

BeerPoint displays how much credit is left on the screen after every transaction.

BeerPoints comes with a module that enables sales points to handle card operation. Cards can be filled as visitor’s demand or sold defined credits in it. It is up to the sales points’ decision.

Sales points can sell cards on the counter or the assistance of waiters. Different sales models can be applied.

BeerPoint is designed to to deliver the best user experince possible. It has special rooms for consumable goods like beer keg and gas tank, which gives maximum comfort to the person who makes replacement.

BeerPoint is a smart dispenser which informs all the events to the users through high definition displays, mails or web applications.

BeerPoint consists of all the replaceable parts. It’s easy to clean and make it tidy.

BeerPoint has different designs for different purposes. There are rugged versions of the machine to be used outdoors like beach, ships or festivals.