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May 2017

Evolution of Beer Dispensers

Hollow reeds used for drinking beer in ancient times Beer is one of the oldest beverages human kind ever produced. Brewing started back in fifth millennium BC in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and was spread throughout world. Sumerians even had a beer goddess, Ninkasi. The first beers were home brewed. These beers were thick and had solids left [...]

February 2017

4 Beer tasting and brewing terms you haven’t heard of yet

There is a huge terminology on beer, and knowing this terminology will lead to a better under understanding of its culture. However brewers and beer lovers don’t promote their terminology as much as winemakers do. In this post we want to show you beer can be both sophisticated and elegant. Beer is a growing business, expected to reach [...]

January 2017

Pubinno Press Release: “Perfect Beer” is in town!

“Perfect Beer” is in town! Pubinno’s smart beer tap, Taptronics™, serves the perfect beer, for every single pint, with a single touch. Once you experience Perfect Beer topped with Taptronics Creamy Foam, you will not be able to drink beer from any other tap. San Francisco, CA –January 12, 2016- Pubinno is a San Francisco based startup [...]

August 2016

World’s Best Combination: Beers & Concerts

Going to your favorite band’s or musician’s concert is much more different than listening them in your bedroom. It’s firstly another atmosphere that you share with a bunch of people around you. There’s certainly an energy that surround your body and soul. Hearing live music is one of the most pleasurable experiences available to human beings. The [...]

July 2016

How autonomous tech affects draft beer operations: from serve to maintenance

Autonomous Technology Has anything changed since Edison created such great innovations such as the electric light bulb? Among key leaders in business, government and civil society, there is a growing unity and a new feeling of certainty about the future direction of life standards: “Autonomous Technology”. Developing technology helps us to shorten and prevent maintenance process. Let’s have [...]

June 2016

Beers and Festivals

As summer comes, it notifies us about festivals coming. Why do we love that much festival? Because it gives us chance to listen live music as we are dancing in the open air and drink while we are with our friends. The air around us is fresh, the beer we drink is cold, the nights we stand [...]

Taptronics™ will be new revolutionary ATMs for beverage industry

Nowadays, we are adopted to live fast: we are rushing. We’re trying to be everywhere at every time. That’s why time is so important for us. Time means money, time means opportunity, time means advantage. Every second, we’re running out of time. And technological developments won’t stop; they are here for us to increase our life quality. [...]

Internet of Beer – 2

We’re proud to announce that as Pubinno we use IoT enabled Beer Tap, TapTronics™, to make life easier for everyone. Pubinno is a start-up founded in Istanbul,Turkey which produces solutions for beverage industry. Firstly, it has launched self-service beer point that gives us instantly fresh beer. All you have to do is insert prepaid cart and wait [...]

May 2016

TapTronics™ doesn’t let any drop unaccounted or wasted!

Recently we have participated in the International Exhibition in Milan, Seeds&Chips, which is focused on food and technology. Investors, policy makers, entrepreneurs, companies in food and tech came together in order to share their experience, vision and projects about the future of food. We had a great time while presenting TapTronics™ and also we were glad to [...]