BeerPoint: Self-Service Beer Dispenser

BeerPoint is an IoT-enabled self-service beer dispenser for

  • Profit Maximization

    BeerPoint decreases costs spent on staff in sales outlets by providing their customers with a smart, self-service dispenser. By serving a glass of beer in less than a minute, it reduces the waiting time of customers

  • A New Sales Channel

    It is a long-awaited solution which successfully addresses marketing and sales problems of breweries and sales outlets by creating entirely new channels of customer engagement.

  • Increased Sales

    Self-service customers consume twice as much as full-service ones. With BeerPoint, long lines in front of the bar become history, while your establishment satisfies new customers and retains the existing ones.

  • Embedded Taptronics

    BeerPoints is built on the embedded Taptronics technology. It releases the same amount of beer at optimal foam level and temperature without any spillage. It also introduces IoT features that enable real-time tracking of relevant data.