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Pubinno develops smart dispensers for
  • restaurants
  • event halls
  • festivals
  • beer brands
  • draft beer
  • beer brands
  • bars&pubs

Why Pubinno

Customer Support

Pubinno helps sales outlets to improve customer satisfaction.

Increased Sales

Enhanced service time provides a significant increase in sales.

Minimized Costs

Spillage and waste are prevented by patented automated taps while real-time tracking detains fraud.

Faster Service

Automated tapping fastens pouring time thus enables more sales especially for crowded places.

Optimized Productivity

Pubinno’s products save working hours of bartenders and increase service quality.

Standardized Quality

Pubinno ensures that beer is served at optimum quality every time by tracking related parameters.

Real Time Tracking

Sales and inventory data can be tracked via web and mobile applications.

Automated Tapping

Beer is served in precise amount every time with optimized foam level and temperature.

Improved Keg Efficiency

Pubinno increases keg efficiency with multidisciplinary expertise.

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